SSWC 2013

Cogne, Italy
5-6-7 September 2013

2013-09-05 09:01:01

About SSWC

The Event

For the first time in SSWC history it will be in Italy. The event will take place on the 5-6-7th of September 2013 in Cogne, a small mountain village in Valle d'Aosta in the NW of Italy


This year the SSWC will take place in Italy and we're proud to annunce that the selected location will be inside the Gran Paradiso National park. The location will be at Cogne in Valle d'Aosta. This small village will be the center of the event, there will be local events, food, music & the "beer village"


  • Only singlespeed bikes are allowed
  • You have to wear an helmet

Because of the particular location there are some extra rules to follow

  • No free camping, you can only camp in the indicated areas
  • You're inside a protected area, respect the environment, animals and plants
  • You're inside a protected area, don't ride outside the indicated tracks
People that won't follow this simple extra rules could have some troubles with the italian rangers. A more detailed rules list will be published as soon as possible.


Due to the high number of people coming to Cogne we're not organizing accomodation directly, however we're working with the turism office in Cogne ( to give all the information and support for those people that need an accomodation. If you need to find a place to stay during the event the best solution is to call/mail the Cogne turism office (Phone: +39.0165.74835 Mail: Fax: +39.0165.74050), they know the event and the place, when you contact the Office remember to say that you will come here for the singlespeed event.


The event will take place in september in a mountain village, even if will be summer, the weather could be not that good to wear only some t-shirts during the entire weekend, so, bring with you some warm clothes, some wind-proof and some water-resistant jacket as well.


We've different prices for different type of participant:
  • Racers: 70ˆ
  • Spectators: 50ˆ
  • Childrens from 3 to 6 years: 35ˆ
  • Childrens from 0 to 3 years: free

The packet will include

  • Friday dinner with free water&wine plus the access to the party zone
  • Saturday lunch with free water&wine plus beer party access (afternoon/evening)
  • Coupon for 5 drinks
  • Event glass
  • Custom race plate (racers only)
  • Free refreshment on the trail (racers only)

Events Agenda

Day 15th September 2013

Event start: enrolment, Expo start

Cogne, Italy
Day 26th September 2013

Enrolment and Expo

Cogne, Italy

Enrolment and Expo

Cogne, Italy

SSWC2014 Decisional: first test


Beer party

Rock concert + Dj set

Cogne, Italy
Day 37th September 2013

SSWC2014 Decisional: second test

(refreshments on the route provided by BikeCafe)

Cogne, Italy
12:00 — 14:00

It’s lunch time!! Come with us inside the pinewoods!



SSWC2014 Decisional: third and last test

Cogne, Italy

"Travelling" beer fest (to be confirmed)

Cogne and near villages, Italy

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Contact & Pre Registration

Cogne, Valle d'Aosta, Italia

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